Company profile - Contec Industry

Company profile

CONTEC INDUSTRY is a society of engineering that operates mainly in the ‘field of consulting and mechanical design and manufacturing. Contec Industry has the experience and expertise to offer our clients customized technical solutions and ensuring high quality standards and providing full assistance at all stages of the technological process.

Know how

Collaborating with CONTEC INDUSTRY means having highly qualified engineering services at your disposition.

Respecting their quality requirements, CONTEC INDUSTRY implements projects understand and meet customer needs by providing expertise and know-how of high standards in respect of delivery time and teamwork.



  • Extremely close attention to customer needs
  • Customised technical and technologically innovative solutions
  • High quality standards for products and processes
  • Health and safety protection
  • Compliance with schedules and teamwork
  • High specialization and permanent training of teams to ensure fast and professional response to any requirement.

Broad Offering

The activities of CONTEC INDUSTRY are developed in industrial, mechanical and plant engineering and structural, electro instrumental, environmental and process engineering:

Feasibility studies; basic, executive and detail engineering; technical documentation & manuals; project management; authorization processes; supervision and control; work direction; start-up assistance; procurement & supplies; inspections, functional trials and tests; Certification of components, machinery and plant.



CONTEC  INDUSTRY develops complete “turnkey” systems, assisting clients in all design and implementation stages while also ensuring not only engineering services but also procurement and supply services, site direction, start-up assistance and final plant, component or product testing.

This means that the client can work with a single reference and benefit from all the advantages this entails.