Engineering Services





Using numerical simulations and solid models software tools, Contec Industry provides a sistemic and efficient approach for the design following al the steps, feasibility study, design and development of carpentry light or heavy structure components.

In particular:


  • Tridimensional design with dedicated modeling software tools;
  • Design details outline and drawings.
  • Exploded view drawings and shot peening for technical manual
  • Structural anaysis and calculus with Finite Elements Methods (F.E.M./F.E.A.)
  • Bidimensional design with specialized software tools
  • Virtual simulations and rapid prototyping
  • Assemply drawing with material basic table
  • Control systems architecture and supervisor control systems
  • Components basic tables writing
  • Detail design, structural static and dynamic strain tests on single components or assembly

From consulting services on the rules and regulations governing design, safety, protection of the environment, installation and inspection procedures, to the supply of complete systems on a turn-key basis

From inspection and expediting activities to component, machine and system certification

From project approval and validation to technical oversight during the construction process and site and installation surveillance

From concept engineering to owner engineering and to detail engineering